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Warning: Swearing and blood. Also fluff
(Your P.O.V.)


       I sat idly in class totally and utterly bored. School wasn’t really my thing; if you’re different then you’re a fool, if you’re the best person in the world of the eyes of your peers you’re the best thing ever. I was a fool. Never gave into the pressure of being a bully or dressing up like someone from a fashion magazine; good old T-shirt and some jeans is all I need. I had a group of friend- called the allies-that I usually hang with. There was Allen, Oliver, Matt, Francois, Xiao,  and Vlad. We usually kept to ourselves at all times, only ever separating during fourth period which was now. Nobody picked on us when we were all together but whenever I am away from my protective friends, hell lets loose. In the midst of my thinking a book slammed onto my desk, making me jump. I glanced up to see Jamie and her friend Jasmine smirking down at me. I only grumbled and glared right back at her, like hell I’d let her win her little ‘war’ with me.

       “Hey loser.” She giggled. “Still shopping in the little boys clothes section at K-Mart?” She sneered and her friend cackled loudly while a few other people chuckled as well.

       “Hey Jamie, I see you still shop at Bitches R Us. Oh wait, don’t you online shop at” I chuckled at my own joke. Jamie gasped dramatically with her hand on her chest. “Careful there, don’t wanna pop those balloons you stuffed in your bra.” I snickered and mentally  thanked Al for his sense of humor rubbing off on me. I felt a harsh stinging sensation hit my cheek and a loud slapping rang through my ears and throughout the class. I cupped my now throbbing cheek and glared at Jamie, she just smirked and stalked away to her seat with her friends while everyone laughed.

       ‘Of course this happened before the teacher comes.’ I sighed and rested my head on the table. I sure can’t wait to be with my friends.


                ~(Timeskip to lunch)~


       I smiled and quickly joined my five friends at lunch and sat between Vlad and Oliver with Xiao on the same side next to Ollie. I felt the strawberry blonde nudge me. I turned my head to face and see him winking and motioned his head towards Vlad, who was just staring off in the distance. A small blush appeared on my face but I kept my cool. I quickly signaled to him with my finger to my neck, dragging it slowly across. He quickly put his hands up in defense but kept a smirk up. Oliver was the only one I knew that knew about my small crush on the mysterious Russian and I secretly prayed to whatever god out there that no one else in the group would figure it out. A cough snapped me away from my thoughts, which came from Al.

       “So (Name), how was fourth period.” Al asked, giving me a serious look. I glanced to the other two next to them who gave the same look.

       “Uh why do you ask?” I smiled nervously, glancing to Ollie and Xiao who are also looking at me seriously. I craned my head to look at Vlad who was still looking off to space. “Nothing really happened, (Teacher Name)’s still as boring as ever!”

       “Oh I see. Then why did I hear a group a guys saying how Jamie slapped the shit out of ya?!” Allen almost shouted.

       “Jamie slapped you?”  The usually calm Vlad exclaimed with fire in his eyes.

        “Calm down guys, my fault anyways…” I tried to calm them down

        “How exactly was it your fault? The bitch slapped you.” Matt growled. Francois grunted, signaling a ‘Yeah!’

        “Well…I told her to be careful with touching her chest or she will pop the balloons she put there.” Everyone bursts out laughing.

        “Aha! Good one! That probably embarrassed that dumb whore!” Xiao chuckled and reached over Oliver to pat the top of my head, messing up some of my (hair color) locks. Xiao, Ollie, Al, Francois, and Matt began talking about their last class while Vlad gently grabbed my jaw, making me look directly at him. He tilted my head side to side to examine my cheeks. His face didn’t show it but is oddly colored red eyes showed concern.

        “Does it still hurt?” He murmured, bringing his face closer to mine, his eyes searching desperately. Things were usually like this for us; I was really the only one he showed concern for and I the same. Well actually I was the only one to really care if he was hurt or not. “I see the faint hand print.” I prayed he wouldn’t notice the blush spreading across my face.

         “Nah, doesn’t hurt that much anymore. Don’t worry ‘bout me, Vlad.” I smiled and grabbed his hand from my face and awkwardly held it for a second.”U-uhm sorry.” I quickly let go and face the other three, not noticing Vlad still staring me. 


~(Timeskip to after school!)~


        “Can you guys wait out here for a bit? I left my phone in my locker.” I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as we walked out the building.

        “We give five minutes to hurry your ass up or we ditch you!” Matt grumbled but I knew he and the others wouldn’t leave me behind. I quickly jogged back into the school building and down the long hallway to my locker. Once I reached my locker I quickly started putting in the combination to open it. Before I could even put in the third number, a hand slammed right next to my head making me jump and face whoever it was. I saw Jamie standing there with her boyfriend –Richard- hovering over me with a smirk on his face.

         “Heard you were talking shit about my girl, rat.” He spat. “No one talks shit about my girlfriend.”

         “Well your hooker of a girlfriend insulted me first asshole. Better get your ass off me.” I growled; my hands forming into fists. And in seconds, Richard back handed me across the face, his ring snagged my lip, making it bleed. I let out grunt and swung my fist at him, successfully hitting him square in the nose. Richard stumbled back clutching his nose, yelling swears while trying to control the blood flowing from his nose.

         “What the hell!” Jamie cried angrily and clawed at my face. I made sure to dodge her furies of swipes and pushed her on the ground. Suddenly Richard shoved me into the lockers causing me to wince when my head hit against the metal. I winched and let out a soft cry while slumping to the ground; my head was spinning.  I felt pressure on my left ankle which made me cry out in pain again as he just laughed loudly.

         “What do you think you’re doing?” I heard a familiar voice snarl out.

         “Vlad!” I smiled slightly.


~(Point of View change to Vlad!)~


         I sighed and crossed my arms while waiting for (Name) to reappear from inside the school. I wouldn’t openly admit it but I cared for the girl deeply and I always worried about her. The (eye color) eyed girl seem to wiggle her way through my cold exterior and get to my heart and strangely, I don’t mind her occupying my cold heart. She made me want to sweep her off her feet and hold her close to me, giving me the warmth I long for from her. So when (Name) didn’t come out after five minutes, panic arose in me.

       “Don’t you think (Name)’s taken enough time?” I mumbled over to Francois who simply shrugged and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. “What about you Oliver?”

       “She is taking a long time just to get her phone…” He agreed. “Aww does Vlad like (Name)?” Oliver giggled and my faced turned from its usual seriousness to baffled but back to serious in seconds.

      “What gives you that idea?” I hissed, keeping my voice down from the others.

        "Oh well cause you seem all nervous! And plus I see the way you treat the poppet! All kind and caring.” He giggled. “Why don’t you go check up on her? Maybe she is having troubles with her locker.” I sighed knowing he wouldn’t give up on me going. I unfolded my arms and began walking to the school buildings entrance.

        “Hey Vlad! Where you going?” I heard Matthew ask.

        “Just going to check on (Name).”  I opened the doors and quickly stalked down the hallway. My attention perked up when I heard a pained cry from around the corner. Instantly knowing who it was, I dashed around the corner and anger built up in me at the sight. Richard with his foot on my precious (Name)’s ankle and Jamie watching with a smirk plastered on her face. I let a growl slip out, “What do you think you’re doing?” All three heads snapped in my direction.

       “Vlad!” I see (Name) weakly smile, I quickly notice the cut on her lip which made my anger growl even more. I started walking over to them, I could feel things darken around me as in each step my anger kept rising.

        “O-oh hey Vlad! Just teaching t-this rat a lesson on manners!” Richard stammered out, fear spreading across him. I simply said nothing; my glare hardening at the term he used to call (Name). With all the strength I could muster I punched him in the jaw, sending him crashing onto the floor on his stomach. Promptly I stood in front of the bastard and crouched, grabbing a handful of his brown hair I forced him to look at me.

        “If I see or hear you or your girlfriend mistreat (Name) ever again…you won’t be living to see the next day, понимаете?(Understand?)” I violently threatened. I didn’t wait for a response from the living heap of trash, I dropped him from my grasp and watched him scramble to his feet and run away with his girlfriend. I rapidly made my way to (Name) and cupped both her cheeks in my hands, examining the cut on her face. I wiped the blood around the cut with the pad of my thumb looking over her beautiful face for any other injuries.

        “I-I’m fine Vlad, I’m t-tough.” She groaned trying to stand up but I kept her down.

        “Nyet, you aren’t. He was stepping on your ankle, don’t walk.” I mumbled and looked at her ankle; pretty swollen.

         “And what do you expect me to do, sit here and rot?” She chuckled and I shook my head.

         “Nyet. I’ll carry you out, подсолнечник(Sunflower).” Before the (hair color) haired girl could respond, I looped a arm under her knees and a arm to support her back, easily hoisting her up and carrying her bridal style. I started walking slowly down the hall to the entrance, keeping her body close to mine. I let a small smile slip out as she rested her head against my shoulder.

        “Hey Vlad?” She mumbled softly causing me to glance down at her.


        “Why do you care about me? I mean like seriously, you seem so cold to everyone else. No offense.”

           “None taken.” I sighed and just let what I kept locked up out. “I love you (Name). That is why I care so much for you. You give off this radiant warmth that I love. I want to keep you close and to protect you.” I notice her smile and snuggle into my shoulder.

         “Yeah, I can say I feel the same to you, Vlad. Through your tough exterior, you’re just a cuddly teddy bear!”

         “Please don’t call me a cuddly teddy bear.”

         “Nope!” She popped the ‘p’. I groaned but gave her a kiss on her forehead. “See you’re just a lovable guy!”

         “Shut it.” I playfully tell her. “Я люблю тебя, (Name).”

         “I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you said ‘I love you’?” I nodded and she grinned. “Love ya too, Teddy Bear Vlad.” I grumbled and shook my head, giving her a small smile. “Wonder what the others will think about us. I can already tell Oliver will already start the wedding plans and Francois not giving shit.”

         If the other three say anything, I’ll knock them out.” She laughed her sweet laugh as I opened the doors’. The others of our group surrounded us, shooting out questions left and right.

        “Let them speak god dammit.” Francois muttered and crossed his arms.

        “What happened, poppet?” Oliver asked first.

        “Jamie had her boyfriend jump me.” (Name) answered. “He was able to give me this cut and hurt my ankle pretty bad. If Vlad hadn’t of shown up and saved my ass, I’d probably look a lot worse.”

       “Did ya land a few on that douche?” Allen asked.

       “I did land a punch to the nose, I probably broke it.” (Name) smirked.

       “Atta girl!” Al cheered.

       “Uh (Name) why is Vlad holding you like that?” Matthew asked with a slight tip of the head.

       “Because her ankle is hurt and… I love her. Isn’t this how I hold the woman I love?” I stated before (Name) could. I could see a blush rise on her face making me smirk.

       “Wait love?!?” They all exclaimed, both (Name) and I nodded in unison.

        “Love.” I repeated. Like (Name) said, Francois shrugged not giving a care and Oliver cheered while the other three stared dumbfounded.

        “Oh dude, are we in for a ride.” Al muttered and Xiao and Matt nodded in agreement. “Anyways, lets’ just get to my place. We can wrap (Name)’s ankle up and watch a movie.” Everyone hollered in agreement and we began making our way to Allen’s house.

         “(Name), my sunflower, Я люблю тебя. With all my heart.” I gushed.

         “I love you too, my teddy bear.” She giggled and rested her head on my shoulder. I smiled once again and kept her close to me.

Requested by: :iconpeacebuggy:
I hope you enjoyed it, cause I sure did enjoy writing it!

Sorry if it isn't exactly what you wanted but I tried

Word count: 2,350
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I really enjoyed reading this, captured all my attention ^^
I like the way how reader interacted with the 2Ps, and on mah gawd XD Did I love her cheeky comebacks towards Jamie and Richard, that was grand and cracked me up.
I bet it would hell for Jamie and Richard for the next day xD
Awesome story, I enjoyed it very much :3
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The next day, they all ganged up on Jamie and her boyfriend and beat them to unrecognizable, bloody, putrid pulps.

~ The TRUE happy ending ~
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