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                                                                                                      Ootori-Kyouya-kyoya-ootori-17734927-1018-764 by GrudgeKitty

                                                                                                                                                     (Your P.O.V)


  "Ah yes! I finally get to get some shopping done at the new Expo Mall! Maybe this will take my mind off of him." You thought as you put some of your shining (H/c) hair behind your ears. "Can't believe that jerk cheated on me. I'm more furious than depressed about it then anything." You looked over all the stands, nothing has caught your eye. "Hmm maybe If I find the map of the mall I'll find something I'd want to buy." You walked all over the first level looking for that damned map. "Ughhhh where could it be? Wait there it is!" You practically jumped for joy. You rushed over there but then you stopped. You saw a young teenager sitting right under the sign on the bench... No wait he looked like he was sleeping. He looked about your age, had raven black hair, prescription glass, and seemed to be wearing expensive clothing. "He must be rich..Wait why is a rich guy even here? And why is he sleeping here? He could get mugged. I should wake him." You approached the teenager. "Hopefully he won't get mad at me for touching him.'"You put a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently. Didn't wake up. You sighed and shook him a little harder. His head shot up, he turned his head towards you and sent you a deathly glare that ment 'Keep touching me you die.' You crossed your arms over your chest and sent him a glare. "Look sir, I am sorry for waking you up from your little nap. But judging from your clothing you must be from a rich family. I simply woke you up because you could of gotten mugged."

  "Thanks." He mumbled. He reached in his his pocket. He suddenly had a shocked expression, he put his hand in his other pocket and took it out. He pressed his head against the wall. "That damned Tamaki." Then his stomach grumbled. Loudly. You began to go in a giggle fit. He looks at you and again glares.

  "Look sir, I am used to being glared at like that, stop trying to scare me." You giggled. Reason why you were used to it? Your ex glares at you when ever you pass by him, well the past times you've seen him he hasn't glared but oh well, lets continue with this story. "How bout I take you to eat something since I woke you up."

  "I suppose, how much money do you have? Seems I don't have my wallet or phone with me." He grumbled. You rolled your (e/c) eyes and motioned him to follow.

  "I have about 100$ for my shopping." You both continued walking looking for a place to eat.'This place is sure busy...' you thought. 'Hmm, there's nicer places upstairs I bet so I should take him there since he is 'Mr. Fancy-wancy-pants ((Lol Wancy..))'" You kept walking when suddenly the stranger came to a stop.

  "We'll eat here." He pointed at a McWonderburger((Honhonhon Cant get sued now~)) I looked at him with a face that says 'Really?'

  "There is much nicer places upstairs I could take you to."

  "Well, you have only 100$ and you are here to shop, right?"

  "Okay fine, just don't complain about it being to greasy for your taste." You sighed and walked to the counter. "What do you want?"

  "Order for me." He rolled his onyx colored eyes.

  "Fine." you grumbled 'Gosh he is such a moody guy.'

  "Hello~! Welcome to McWonderburger, may I take your order please?" The cashier lady asked in her cheery voice((Imagine Ital's voice but much higer o_ o)).

  "Uh yes, two number 4's and two medium (Drink of choise) please." You ordered

  "Alright! That'll be 4.50$ please!" You got out the money needed and handed it to her, "Alright~ Your order is number 69! ((honhonhon //shot))"

  "Go find us a seat and I'll get the food." I asked the guy he mumbled something and went to a small booth 'God he is such a moody guy, but he is also handsom- WAIT WHAT ARE YOU SAYING I HARDLY KNOW HIM!' You thought.

                                                                                                                                               (Kyoya's P.O.V)

  'Well this girl is strange, obviously she has a backstory if she can stand one of my glares or my moody attitude.' I thought. 'I wonder what has happened to the girl. Wait, why am I even think about her, I dont have anything to gain from her.' Suddenly a tray of food was slammed onto the table snapping me out of my thoughts. It was the (H/c) girl who awoke me. She swiftly sat across me and started eating. I expected her to bombard me with questions, so I took a bite of a 'Hamburger' and waited. She said nothing. 'I would of thought she would start asking me why I was sleeping on the bench in the first place.... Strange. I'll break the silence..' I put the Hamburger down and looked at her, she looked back. I stared into bright pools of (E/c). "Well. I'm Kyoya Ootori, third son of the Ootori company."

  "Hmm? Oh, I'm (F/n)(L/n)." She replied and went back to eating 'Why does that name sound familiar?'.

  "May I ask you a question Miss. (F/n)?"

  "Oh sure..."

  "Earlier, you told me you where used to being glared at, what did you mean by that?" She froze a bit.

  "Oh uhm... Well I just reasently broke up with my ex a few days ago because he cheated on meand for a while when ever we saw each other he'd glare at me, a glare simular to yours. Though yesterday when I past by him on accident he didn't glare at me." She sighed and munched on some fries. 'Hmm Interesting...' We continued like this, eating and making small talk, I learned about her and she learned a bit about me. We finished up and threw away the trash.

  "I need to use the restroom, help me find it, please?." I asked, not trying to sound rude.

  "Okay!" She smiled at me, I looked forward trying to concel a little blush that I let slip past. 'Why am I blushing about her smiling. I have nothing to gain from her...' We walked for a while and had no luck for finding a rest room. "Oh look a restroom." She pointed to our left.

  "Thanks, I'll be as quick." I began walking towards the restrooms.

  "Don't worry, take as long as you need, I'll wait here." Again she gave a small smile and I quickly ran into the bathroom 'Why am I blushing, don't tell me I am starting to like the girl! I met her today, and plus, she is a commoner...'

                                                                                                                                           (Your P.O.V)

  You giggled a bit 'He must of really needed the restroom. Ha, besides his moodiness he isn't that bad. He is kinda cute, though he'd never go for someone one like me, I come from a rich family but we live like normal people. Oh well~' You stood there for a good ten seconds when suddenly you felt a arm drape around your shoulder, you looked to see who was it. Oh great it was your ex, Mathias Køhler ((//Shot)) "What do you want, Mathias?" You asked with a growl.

  "Oh nothing babe, just wondering, why is my girlfriend with another guy." He said nonchalantly, removing his arm.

  "Your EX-girlfriend. You know, the one you cheated on." You corrected him and crossed your arms. "And I can be with anyone I want to be with."

  "No relationship ends unless I say it does, now lets leave this place."

  "No. I am waiting for a new friend."

  "Lets. GO!" He grabs your (Skin tone) wrist and tries to drag you.

  "No Mathias, LEAVE ME ALONE!" You suddenly felt arms wrap around your waist and drag you back, breaking Mathias's grip on your wrist. You crained your neck back trying to see who had you in their grasp. You gasped, "K-kyoya?" He looked angry, glaring the way he glared at you when you woke him up.

  "Now sir, thats no way to treat a lady is it?" He asked darkly.

                                                                                                                                   (Kyoya's P.O.V)

  I walked out of the restroom and saw (F/n)... and some other guy with weird hair. 'Who is this moron?' I thought and continued to watch. Him and her where talking, he removed his arm from her shoulder. He said something. (F/n) looked like she said no. He grabbed her wrist and tried to drag her away. That angried me so I quickly got over there and got her away from the man. "K-kyoya?" She asked. I stood there glaring at the guy.

  "Now sir, thats no way to treat a ladly is it?" I asked darkly toward him, letting my 'Shadow King' Powers kick in. He look a bit scared but stood his ground.

  "H-hey! Don't hold my girlfriend l-like that!" He shouted.

  " Ex-girlfriend..." (F/n) mumbled. I raised an eyebrow. 'This was the guy who cheated on (F/n)? Well lets see how he like my 'Shadow King' Powers.'

  "I'll have you know, I am Kyoya Ootori, third son of the Ootori Company. We have our own privet police force and I can have you arrested for harrasment."

  "I- uh- well- uhm...FINE I'll go but trust me (F/n), You'll regret loosing me." Then he stormed off.

  "Oh uhm...Kyoya?" (F/n) asked.


  "You can let go of me now..."

  "Oh I am sorry." I apologized with a slight blush on my cheeks.

  "Well thank you from getting me away from that dork." She smiled at me. Oh god, the smile that makes me blush.

  "It was no problem (F/n)." We stood there in silence. People walked around us. Then the intercom went off.

  "We have a report of a lost child! His name is Kyoya Ootori and his guardian, Tamaki, is very worried. Kyoya has black hair, prescription glasses. He is about 5'10. Please help us bring Kyoya back to his worried guardian at the servise desk on the frist floor." The intercom lady said.

  "THAT DAMN TAMAKI! I WILL KILL HIM!" I growled. (F/n) Began to laugh loudly.

  "Well Kyoya, I guess you need to go. I hope to see you later on in life?" She asked. I laughed at this. I quickly grabbed her and I rushed over to where the servise area is. "Slow down Kyoya! Do you want to kill him that badly?"

  "Yes!" After a bit of walking, more like running, we got to the servise area, Tamaki looked over and ran up to hug me.

  "KYOYA! I WAS SO WORRIED! I FINALLY FOUND YOU~" He exclaimed overdramatically.

  "Calm down Tamaki." I sighed.

  "Hey Kyoya?" One of the twins asked. "Why are you holding the hand of that commoner girl?"

                                                                                                                                                              (Your P.O.V)

  "Why are you holding the hand of that commoner girl?" Asked one of the red head twins.

  You sighed. "I am not a commoner."

  They all laughed, except the tall guy with a kid on his sholder, lolicon much? ((//shot)) And Kyoya. "Look at your clothing though, a shirt and some jeans." The twin replied.

  "Well EXCUSE ME. I may dress like a normal person but I am the daughter of (Mothers name) and (Fathers name) (L/n), owners of the (Company name) Company." You stated. They all stared with a shocked face, well again with exception of the tall dude and Kyoya. Kyoya chuckled and tied them all up.

  "Kyoya! WHY?" The one who is called Tamaki asked.

  "It's for embarassing over the intercom and for laughing and lovely (F/n) here." He turned to you, and put a peice of your (h/c) locks behind your ear, causing you to blush a bit. "So Miss. (F/n), shall we schedual a time to meet up?"

 "Oh uh sure!" You said excitedly.

 "Well lets get going then." He held out his arm and you gladly took it.

  "Sure but shouldn't we untie them?"

  "Hmm nope." We began to walk away




So sorry for it being late! I was terribly busy!
Excuse any errors.

I own nothing but half the plot.

Requsted by: :iconamulet-voltaire:

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