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~(Your P.O.V.)~

  Smack smack smack. I  kept hitting my head hardly with my hand while I was on the plane back to Denmark. I stopped once my arm was feeling sore.

  "Stupid stupid (Name) Always letting my emotions get the best of me." I muttered to no one. So far I have yet to meet my 'plane buddy' for the next seven hours. I rested my head on the side of the plane and grumbled. In the corner of my eye I saw a gentleman with messy blonde hair, green emerald eyes, and rather large but suitable eyebrows. I just sighed and glanced out the window. I guess the man heard my rather loud sigh and glanced over to me.

  "Are you alright love?" He asked with a British accent lacing his voice. I looked at him and leaned my head back on the airplanes chair.

  "I don't know you and I don't really think you want to hear my sob story." I replied in a bitter tone, which of course I didn't mean to.

  "Well I'm Arthur Kirkland, born and raised in England. Traveled to America for business, going to Denmark for another business meeting. Now tell me who you are." Was this guy serious? Oh well. Seven hour flight is pretty long.

  "I'm (Name), born and raised in Denmark. Well I went to America to visit my brother, fell in love with one of his roommate, roommate didn't love me, he said I should go back to Denmark so I am! Stupid ass decision though because I'll have to live with my parents who probably won't let me come back."

  "Wow... sorry to hear. That dumb bloke. You seem like a lovely woman." His compliment made me blush.

  "T-thank you for the compliment Mr. Kirkland."

  "Ah call me Arthur, love. So what are your interests?"

  "Well I like to (Whatever you like to do) and I enjoy (Whatever you enjoy)."

  "That's lovely dear, I love to read and write. I work for a Toy company in London, The Phantomhive company. I can't cook at all." He chuckled. "I even somehow manage to cereal." I laughed a bit.

  "I'm sorry to laugh, but did you really burn cereal?"

  "It's alright to laugh. I even laughed." He smiled. "You say your from Denmark, yes? What might your last name be?"

  "Oh its Køhler."

  "Thee Køhler? I'm doing business with your family actually. Are your parents the owners of the (Company name)?"

  "Oh no no, it's my fathers brothers company actually."

  The flight intercom went off telling us the instructions and regulations of the flight. I looked forward and watched the instructions they show on the little T.V.'s.

~(Timeskip to outside the airport)~

  "Well here we are! Copenhagen, Denmark. It was fun talking to you Arthur and I hope to run into you again." I smiled at the messy blonde.

  "Ah, I was going to ask you, (Name), could you possibly show me around the city?" He asked.

  "Sure! I just need to drop off my bags at my parents house." I smiled and went towards the curb for a Taxi. "You can come along to, drop your bags off and all." He nodded excitedly and waited next to me.

  ~(Over at the Nordics)~

  "Oh god oh god..." Tino kept muttering, along with Lukas pacing in the kitchen. "You know how bad Mathias will flip about this!"

  "Flip out about what?" Mathias walked in, raising a brow. Emil and Berwald came in as well. Tino and Lukas stayed silent trying to figure out how to break the news to him. "What did you mean flip out about? And where's (Name)?" Mathias ran up to the stares towards his little sisters room, finding her not in sight. He shrugged his shoulders and went to her bathroom. Not there either. He went back down stairs to the kitchen and scratched his head. "Where's (Name)?" Tino and Lukas stayed silent and the Dane's worry began to rise. "Where. Is. (Name)?"

  "L-lukas tell h-him the truth..." Tino mumbled and retreated behind Berwald.

  "Well.... you see Mathais.... I told her to leave and go back to Denmark.... and I believe she did.." Lukas said quietly while looking at the floor. Fire sparked in Mathias's blue eyes, he immediately grabbed the front of Lukas's shirt and rammed him up against the refrigerator.

  "What the hell Lukas!" Mathias yelled. "Why! Why would you tell her to leave!" Mathias loosened his grip as tears began to fill his eyes. "Why.... This was possibly the only time.... (Name) and I could ever be together.... and now... since you told her to leave... our parents will probably never let her come here again..."

  "I'm sorry, Mathias. I truly am."

  "Do you think sorry is going to bring (Name) back? DO YOU HONESTLY THINK IT WILL?" Tears began to fall from his eyes and on Lukas's light blue shirt. The Dane rested his head onto Lukas's shoulder, sobbing loudly. "I-I haven't s-seen my little sis in five years...What are we g-going to do? I won't be able t-to see her ever again..."

  "We'll get her back then." 

  "W-What?" Mathias asked in disbelief while the other three gasped.

  "We'll fly to Denmark and get her back. Then tell her that I don't really hate her."

  "I'll start packing!" Tino smiled

  "I'll get the tickets then." Emil spoke while looking at his phone.

  "I'll start the car up." Berwald grunted. Mathias stood up straight with a goofy grin on his face.

  "It's gonna take me awhile to forgive you for hurting min søster." Mathias sniffled, wiping some of the remaining tears away.

  "Understandable. Start packing your stuff." Lukas sighed and walked towards his room. 'I hope we get to (Name) in time, so I can tell her that I love her...'

~(Back to the reader)~

  I smiled as Arthur and I walked side by side through the city of Copenhagen, showing him different well known restaurants, popular tourist attractions, and now going to the Library garden.

  "Denmark is so beautiful (Name), but not as beautiful as you." Arthur praised with a flirtatious smile. I could feel my cheeks heat up, I simply shook my head and smiled.

  "Why thank you for the compliment, Arthur." I thanked. We finally reached the garden and I heard Arthur gasp. "I know, it's a very pretty garden." I giggled.

  "Wow, how breath taking." He took my hand and quickly entered the garden. "(Name), I know we just only met a few hours ago but, I think I love you."


  "I want to spend eternity with you, will you marry me?" Arthur got down on one leg and held my hand.

  "I- Yes!" I didn't know what went through my head at that moment and I honestly don't know why I would say yes to someone I just met, but it feels like this is what true love feels like.

  "Fantastic! Now shall we go tell your parents?"

  "Yes we shall!" You smiled and held onto his arm, not noticing the evil smirk that was on his face.


I got a ton of feed back on part one:…

So here!
All the hetalia characters belong to Hima
The story belongs to me
And you belong to you

Frozen much? Muahahahah Prussia (Evil Sneaky Plan) [V5] 
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While everyone just seems to assume that Arthur's evil already because it's the same scene from Frozen, and while he could just turn evil, I don't think he will and that he just genuinely likes the reader. He did compliment her and helped her even before he learned of her last name, but then again people can change their motives just as quickly as you can change your mind.

And yess, welcome the angst! All the angst. Hahaha, I love seeing my favorite characters suffer. I wonder how Lukas would react to the reader's engagement and how Matthias would react! Supportive? Suspicious? The story continues! Presumably. I hope it does. Keep up the awesome work!
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*Chokes on air*
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And little did Arthur notice the evil grin on my face, as I am gonna use the evil Arthur to make Norway jealous, calling of the wedding right away.
Me: hey, Mat! I'm getting married!
Mat: You can't marry someone you just met.
Me: Okay... Then I'll dump his sorry arse!
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Read the Arthur proposing part
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It's gonna turn out like Frozen, I know it! Arthur's gonna be the bad guy who's only asking for Reader-chan's hand in marriage because he wants like, her inheritance to the Kohler's company or something! 

And Lukas is gonna be the guy that saves her...
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