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Norway by GrudgeKitty

  Hello~ This is just a little thingy I made. I am not sure if I want to make this a series, or a one-shot. Just tell me if I should continue or not please ;w; Enjoy. Also, if you don't mind, read the description for some information on the story.


(Your P.O.V.)

  You waited patiently for your big brother to come pick you up at the American airport. You held on to your (f/c) suitcase and drifted around the airport lobby(I don't know..), your (e/c) eyes darting in every direction to spot him. 'Ugh were the hell is he?' you thought as you brushed past people. You let out a sigh and headed for the doors to see if he is out there waiting for you, with your (short/long/or anything) (h/c) flowing behind you. Once you got outside you turned your head and scanned the pick up/Drop off zone looking for your older brother, not seeing him anywhere. You let a groan and trugged back to the door, 'Damn him...Of all days he forgets to do something it has to be today.' As you reached the doors of the airport you thought you heard someone call your name, you shrugged it off thinking someone else was calling someone with your name. "(Name)!" That sounded familiar this time, so you turned around to see a familiar mop of gravity defying blonde hair. "(Name)! Don't pretend you don't recognize me, squirt!" You quickly perked up and quickly ran over to him and basically glomped him, almost knocking him over.

  "MATHIAS! I THOUGHT YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" You basically screeched, getting a few business men to look your guys way.

  "Now why would I forget about my little sis? Sorry I was late, traffic was an ass." He grinned rubbing the back of his neck. "Let's get going then!" Mathias held his arm out for you and you gladly took hold of it. Both of you bustled through the crowd finally finding his red Charger. He opened the car door for you.

  "Thank you Mathias. Finally becoming a gentleman I see." You joked as he put your suitcase in the back.

  "Well of coarse I'd be a gentlemen for the Princess of the Nordics!" Mathias said aloud making everyone turn their heads to us.

  "Mathias, I am no princess." You shake your head and he turned the engine on and began to drive.

  "You are too! Cause I am the King! Well that's what my pals say. Did you know the guys I room with are all from the Nordic regions?"

  "Yes Mathias, you have told me several times through the letters and phone calls. And I am so sure the call you that." You spoke sarcastically. "How much longer will it be? I am pretty tired."

  "About an hour." You groan. "Don't worry I will get us there as soon as possible! After all, I am the king!" You rolled your eyes.

  "And how would you- HOLY SH*T DON'T SPEED! OH GOD!"

~Le timeskip of awesomeness~

  You finally arrived at your big brothers place in one piece, thankfully. You quickly exited the car and fell on the ground rather dramatically, "Oh land! How I missed your steadiness!" you cried out.

  "My driving wasn't that bad! Jeeze (Name)." Mathias denied, getting your suitcase out. "Come on, the guys wanna meet you." You groaned and stood up. You dusted off your (f/c) (coat, sweater, or jacket) and began walking along side your dork of a brother. Once you reached the door step Mathias turned to you and gave you a thumbs up. Apparently the door was already unlocked because your brother quickly opened the and pushed you inside the home. You saw for men standing there, all eyes on you. You gaped, losing your voice. Damn your shyness had to kick in of all times! You felt your brothers giant hand on your shoulder, "Yo guys! Here's my little sister I've been telling you about!" Your face heated up and you scampered behind Mathias.

  "H-hello!" you managed to squeak out. You hated it when Mathias put you in the spot light and he knew it. He laughed a bit and pushed you in front of him

  "C'mon (Name)! You're like what? 19? Don't be so shy!"  You quietly looked at the guys staring at you. One was really tall, with shaggy blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes that were framed by glasses. He had a glare on his face which scared you a bit. You glanced to his left and saw a shorter man with a lighter shade of blonde and chocolate brown eyes, he also had a motherly smile. You glanced to the left and saw a boy with a...Puffin on his head? He also had purple eyes and silver pale hair. There was another fellow who also had purple eyes and light cream colored hair, with a floating curl, and seemed emotionless, but also pretty cute.

  "Hei! Welcome to our house!" A Finnish voice welcomed, you looked over to the right and saw the man with the brown eyes. "There is no need to be shy we are very welcoming!" You raised a brow a bit skeptical glancing a the taller man with glasses. "Oh I see, don't worry, Berwald is very nice once you get to know him. He just looks scary! Oh shame, we haven't introduced ourselves! I'm Tino Väinämöinen, but you can call me Tino, and I am from Finland!"

  "I'm Berwald. Sweden." The taller guy, who is apparently Berwald spoke.

  "I am Emil Steilsson, and I am from Iceland." Puffin boy spoke.

  "I am Lukas Bondevik, from Norway. I'm also Emil's older brother. Right Emil?" The cutie *MENTAL SMACK* The Norwegian spoke in the most monotone voice.

  "Yes, he is. But I am not saying it!"

  "Come on you know want to say it."

  "No. Stop." This arguing went on for a few more seconds until Emil turned to you. "(Name) is it? Do you still call Mathias big brother? You probably don't."

  "Well every now and then I will call him brother or big brother. Not really a big deal."

  "See, she calls that idiot of a Dane big brother, why can't you?" Lukas pestered Emil once more.

  "H-how about we just eat dinner and talk to (Name), okay?" Tino pleaded. Everyone nodded in agreement and we followed Tino what seemed like the dining room.

  "Don't worry squirt, you luggage is by the stairs." Mathias ruffled your hair and made you sit between him and Lukas at the dining table.

                                       ~Timeskip brought to you by a pouting Romano~       

  Dinner was delicious and you felt comfortable enough to share a lot of information about yourself to the guys. You realized you had one very important question, one that was so important, you stood up abruptly just to ask it. They looked at you suprised, with the exception of Berwald and cute and hot Lukas. "(N-name).. w-hat's wrong? Y-you didn't like the food?" Tino asked stuttering a bit.

  "Nej, the food was great. I just have an important question." You replied with a slight aggressive tone.

  "Then ask us it then!" Emil shouted.

  You chuckled. "Do you guys actually call my brother 'The King of the Nordics'? Because if you do then you guys are fools, he is an idiot." Crossed your arms and looked at the five.

  "Of course they do, lil sis I mean why wouldn't-" Mathias was cut off by Lukas.

  "Of course we don't. He just claims he is the king."

  "You guys are harsh! C'mon (Name), let the king help you settle in." Mathias led you the stairs and in fact, your suitcase was there. He picked it up and began dragging it upstairs. "Damn, what did you put in here?"

  "Well I am going to live with you guys for now on, right? So I needed to pack essentials." You replied as Mathias and you reached the top of the stairs.

  "Ja but I or the others could of bought you more things, you know that right?" Mathias stopped at a white door. "Here is the room your staying in. You decorate it anyway you want." He opened the wood door and you were amazed. The room may of been white, but it was big((That's what she said //shot)). It had a simple bed, desk, and seemed to have a walk-in closet.

  "Woah..." you gaped as your (e/c) sparkled. "It's wonderful! Better then mom and dad's room back home."

  "Hah, like I said, you can decorate the place anyway you want. And if you forgot anything back in Denmark just tell us and we will drive you to a store near here." Mathias smiled and left you alone in the room.

  'Well lets' get started then.' you thought and begun to unzip your suitcase and began to place your items where you wanted them.

  About an hour later you were all settled in. 'Hmm I should ask were the bathroom is so I can place my toiletries in there. You went to your suitcase and saw that you didn't have your little baggy of items you were needing. "Crap..." You muttered. Looks like you needed to go to a store. You walked out the room and headed to the living room. "Erm, looks like I forgot some important things."

  "Ah, well you can with your brother to the store! He was just about to leave to get us some icecream and a few other things." Tino smiled. I looked over to where the door was and saw Mathias standing there putting a coat on.

  "Okay!" You rushed to your older brother just as he opened the door.

  "Oh your going with me? Did you forget something?" Mathias asked.

  "Ja I did." You let out a sigh. Him and you both walked outside, it was only 7:30 pm and it was actually pretty chilled. You both got in the same car you arrived in. "Please...Mathias I am begging you, please don't speed."

  "No need to worry squirt. Wal Mart is 5 minutes away."  

'Wal Mart... what a strange name for a store..' You thought while looking out the window


  It has been about 6 weeks since you have moved in with your brother and his friends. You've mostly been spending as much time as you could with Lukas, since you developed a bit of a crush on the Norwegian ((Phs Don't lie reader-chan, You LOVE him)). He was a pretty awesome guy, he had a funny sense of humor which was mainly him choking your brother. You loved how he believed in fairytales((You saw him reading a book on trolls and such)). Only two people in the household knows of your crush, Tino and Berwald. Berwald listened and Tino gave the advice. You decided not to tell Mathias because either he would be a loud mouth about it or somehow will try to set you and him up. You didn't really tell Emil because you didn't really communicate with him. You let out a huff of air and continued to search on your laptop, that Mathias bought you, on how to impress a guy you like, and sadly none of the tips seemed to be good enough to impress him. You close the lid (not turning the machine off) and fell on your (fav/color) bed and let out a loud groan. 'God what can I do? Ugh.' you thought. You herd your door creak open. You looked up to see Tino with a warm smile. "(Name)! I just wanted let you know that Berwald and Emil went grocery shopping and Mathias went out with his two friends. So it's just you, Lukas, and I in the house." He sat near you on your bed. "You know (Name), those online tips won't help you help you at all with your love life. Maybe I could help you?"

  "And how can you do that?" You asked with some hope. He chuckled and was silent for a second.

  "I could ask him how he feels about you and you could be hiding around somewhere. And if he stays yes you can pop out and say you feel the same way!"

  "Hmm I guess that could work... Well actually I think that's brilliant!" You quickly got up and you and Tino walked downstairs. You saw Lukas sitting on the couch reading so you quickly and silently hid behind the corner of the hallway that leads to the garage.

  "Hei Lukas!" Tino greeted.

  "Hello Tino." Lukas replied in his handsome monotone voice.

  "May I ask you a question, Lukas?"


  "Do you like or love (Name)?" Tino ask in a sing-song voice. Lukas was silent for a second.

  "Nei, I don't. She is annoying. Almost annoying as her damn brother. I wished she'd just move back to Denmark." Tears began to weld up in your eyes.

  'W-what...' you were sniffling. 'H-he doesn't l-like me?' Tino let out a loud gasp.

  "What? I told you the truth. You asked." Tino simply shook is and shakily pointed to where you were hiding. You stood out from the corner, you tried your best to keep the waterworks under control but it couldn't be helped. Your face was wet with tears and sobs were racketing through your whole body. "(N-name) wait a second.." Lukas started walking towards you. You shook your head and dashed upstairs. Knowing your bedroom door does not lock, you ran into your bathroom. You heard Lukas pound on the door, you simply slid down the floor with your back against the bathtube with your knees' to your chest crying. "(Name) Open up." You wouldn't move. Why should you? He stated clearly he doesn't like you, so why care to listen to him? You heard the front door open and someone call Lukas's name. He sighed and went down stairs. You checked to see if he was gone and quickly scurried to your room. You packed all you brought back into your suitcase and re-opened your laptop and bought a low priced plane ticket to Denmark. Writing the note was hard. Tears were falling everywhere making the paper wet and your hand was shaking which was making your handwriting barely readable.

  You called a local cab to come pick you up and you headed out your room. You ran down the stairs with your suitcase thunking loudly behind you. Sighing, you opened the front door of the house and ran out, ignoring the calls of your name. The cab pulls up in time and you hopped in and made sure the cab driver drove off quickly. You wiped your eyes and and looked out your window. 'I was such a fool. I'll just go back to Denmark and fulfill Luka's wish...'

Admin: FINNALY! I got it done. This is the new oneshot/series I wrote. Now I don't know if I want to make this a series or not, so I want your opinion if I should or not. Sorry for mistakes of any kind. Sorry for OOC-ness as well.
Berwald, Tino, and Mathias: 21
Lukas: 20 and a half
You and Emil: 19.

All Hetalia characters belong to Hima.
You belong to you.
This story belongs to me.
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